The Society is established with the aim to study and to improve the education, culture and welfare for the blind people; facilitating the life rehabilitation for the visually-impaired; elevating their knowledge and skill levels; increase their physical and psychological health; developing various blind-sensitive, leisure activities and welfare programs for the elderly. The objective, in general, is to serve the visually impaired.

Brief History

The Society was stablished in June 21, 1975 and registered with the Taipei City Government as a civil association (Registration No. Taipei City-Sheh-Zi-425). The founder of the Society, Mr. Chin-Chih Chi, graduated from the Taiwan Theological College and Seminary with a major in education. Also a visually-challenged person, Mr. Ji has personally experienced the difficulties of how to survive in the world. Inspired by Dr. Chen Wu-Fu, an Ophthalmologist who has established the Mu-Kuang Rehabilitation Center in Yi-Lan, Mr. Ji is also devoted to helping the visually impaired who are unemployed or deprived of education, offering them vocational rehabilitation programs and employment services. Thanks to the sponsorship of the Taipei City Council, the Arab Blind Association, movie actor Jenny Tseng and all kind-hearted individuals and religious groups, the Society has managed to purchase, in 1982, the premises located at 4F, No. 8, Lane 135, Section 2, Yanping N. Road in Taipei City with an area of 35 pings, offering services to all the visually-impaired.

Organizational Structure

The Society has a board of directors, chairman of the board, directors and supervisors, secretaries, accountants and members. Twelve elections have been made since the establishment of the Society forty years ago.

♦  A. Missions

The Missions of the Society Are:

  1. Promoting education for the visually-impaired.
  2. Facilitating cultural exchange among the visually impaired.
  3. Providing various Braille literacy training in Mandarin, English, Fukienese and Japanese, etc.
  4. Research and facilitation of physical, psychological and vocational rehabilitation programs for the visually-impaired.
  5. Planning and developing leisure activities for the visually impaired.
  6. Promoting blind-caring and supporting programs.
  7. Facilitating mutual visiting and exchanges among local and international welfare organizations for the visually-impaired.
  8. Planning and implementing various leisure activities and services for the seniors with visual impairment.

  B. Service Targets

  1. Visually-impaired people in the society
  2. Welfare organizations or groups for the visually impaired.
  3. The visually-impaired in different levels of schools

♦  C. Service Items

    A.  Support Servicesks for

  1. Assisting the visually-impaired individuals to attend the National Skill Tests for Massage Technicians
  2. Establishing scholarships for visually-impaired students as well as relevant guidelines.
  3. Providing free-of-charge walking sticks for the visually-impaired. 
  4. Other services such as assisting with the applications for subsidies, counselling and legal mediation services

    B.  Skills Training

      1. Braille reading training
      2. English Conversation
      3. Training on computers for the blind
      4. Orientation and mobility training

  C. Vocational Training

      Vocational training for visually-impaired massage technicians.
      Vocational training for level B and Level C massage technicians.

♦  D. Activities

Organize promotional activities for massage services in the “Big Street for New Year Shopping” during the “Wei-ya” period before Chinese New Year; celebration events on Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day and the Day for Respecting the Elders, Christmas celebrations, singing contests, travel and leisure activities, as well as seminars on massage skills

• Singing Contests  
• Seminars on massage skills 
• Massage services in the “Big Street for New Year Shopping”
• Activities on the Day for Respecting the Elders
• Mothers’ Day activities
• Fathers’ Day activities
• Self-motivating activities
• X’mas activities

♦  E.  Introduction of Massage Services to Enterprises

Committed to servicing the visually-impaired, the Society not only provides massage skills training, but also endeavors to increase their financial income by soliciting working space and opportunities from business entities and organizations. Massage technicians dispatched by the Society are all well-trained and developed, possessing the technician licenses or certificates of national examinations. Massage therapy helps reduce the tiredness of workers and improves work efficiency, thereby improving the overall performance of the company. We sincerely seek the kind support from companies, factories, organizations and organizations to provide work spaces or employment opportunities to our visually-impaired massage technicians. (We will draft reasonable and comprehensive terms and conditions separately. Please call the Society if you wish to further understand the services. We will send designated staff to explain and build up relevant terms and conditions.)

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