The Taipei Benevolent Educational Society for The Blind’s Result Report for

Opening the 2018 Level C Technician for Massage Test Training Course


Purpose of the class: In order to train non-inborn blind people with visual impairment, they can learn a skill and could make a living in the society so as not to rely on the government and their families. This Society completely freely trains the visually impaired to rebuild and walk out of a bright road.

Opening hours: April 9, 2018 to November 28, 2018, 8 months/660 hours

Student registration date: from February 5, to March 16

Qualifications of teachers: 5 years after learning the professional technology and passing the national Level B technician for massage test, they have at least 10 years of experience in teaching. The teacher of this course has more than 40 years of teaching experience.

Student assessment date:19 ~23 March

Number of participants: 12 persons. These students are from different places and are blinded by different causes. Their past experiences include: journalists, military personnel, civil servants, marketing personnel. Education: never received basic education to university graduation. They are from Sanxia, Yingge, Keelung, Taoyuan, Shulin and Sanchong, and the age group is from 30 to 80 years old.

Admission quota: 8 persons, 4 of which were not accepted for the following reasons:

  1. Because the impaired type is not listed on the handicap handbook, it is necessary to self-assess whether Class 1 and Class 2 meet the criteria. In addition to the visual impairment level, there are other impaired types, this Society must be carefully evaluated and considered in order to be allowed to participate in the training.
  2. No major illness
  3. No guardian

Notification of start time: 9 April

One month after the training, two of them had poor academic ability and did not study hard, so they  withdrew their training so as not to affect the progress of other students. The other 6 students were very successful in the course of the subsequent training. After three monthly examinations, midterm exam and the final exam, the results were quite excellent. Only one of the six did not receive basic education, so the academic subjects were more difficult for the student.

The courses taught in this class are divided into two parts:

  1. Academic subjects: Anatomical physiology, Hygiene, Pathology, Acupoints, Massage

General Course: English Conversation, English Tactile Braille, Mandarin Tactile Braille

  1. Skill parts: a. 7 kinds of massage techniques  b. 8 local massage routes

All the above courses were completed on November 1st, and the training ceremony was held on November 2nd. Review from November 5th to November 28th to prepare for the national exam. On November 29th, the class teacher led the whole class to go to Taichung School for Visually Impaired to receive the technical examination. On December 5th, the results of academic subjects were released, and 5 of the 6 students were on the list. On December 15th, the results of skill subjects were released, and all 6 students passed and received the license on the 27th. The students of this class have already started working in the workplace, and maintaining a basic life is not a problem. They then returned to this Society for the higher-level massage technology class.

The total expenditure for this training is NTD350,130. Taipei International Women's Club Association sponsored NTD200,000 in 2018. In addition, Mr. Chen Lan-Hsin, the former president of the Association introduced her friend Mr. Chen Shih-Chen to donate NTD250,000. After deducting the training funds for this year, there are still NTD99,870.

I am very grateful to Taipei International Women's Club for the continued help of this Society in the past, so that this Society can start the course smoothly every year and benefit many blind people, so that they have opportunities for life reconstruction in society. These are the great gifts of your Club. I would like to express endless thanks and respects to all of you on behalf of all the trainees, directors and supervisors of this Society


Sincerely yours


Chairwoman: Chi Wu Chun-Chu

Founder: Chi, Chin-Chih




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